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In the misty times beyond, great points of power stood proud and strong across the countryside. Legends tell of a great dwarven kingdom that ruled over a vast tropical paradise beyond the wetlands, though no trace of such a paradise has ever been found. Within the heart of the great Minden woods, a temple stands in the eternal embrace of a titanic tree, a pulsing living heart of the ancient forest. A deranged cult is rumored to have held sway in the high mountains; practicing inhumane rites to unknowable gods. Far to the east a great fortress guards it’s secrets behind a living wall of soldiers and silence. And at the heart stands a great white castle where the benevolent duke safeguards his people and his lands from the terrors beyond his borders.

Time passes, and the shining kingdom of Whitewing slowly spreads the light of civilization and peace across the land. A brave group of paladins stormed the black tower of Hera atop the Lodir Mountains, called Death Mountain by those who lived in the shadow of it’s terrible creatures, and struck down the cult and slew it’s leaders. The great tropical forest vanished into the scorching sands of what would come to be called the Bone Wastes, and now savage lizardfolk stalk the dunes and no one has seen the supposed ruins of Redstone keep on the far side of the Bone Wastes. Ages of isolation brought about the ruin of the eastern kingdom, collapsing beneath the weight of corruption and sin, and now the forces of the Nine Hells prowl the ruins.

Now, after an age of peace, darkness begins to stir and whispers of terrible things have started to drift through the populace. It has been a score or more of years since anyone has had contact with Mapletear temple, and bandits and savage creatures roam the Minden wood. Strange lights glow and inhuman sounds roll down from the peaks of Death Mountain, whole mining camps and settlements have vanished under the dark moon leaving behind nothing but blood, slime and indecipherable runes. To the east, travelers are advised to move quickly, travel in large groups and not to trust any travelers they meet.

With the light dying all around, the only hope left rests in the hands of the brave young adventurers who set forth to challenge the darkness and their destiny.

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